CHAOS Updates & Register for Riverside Recharge

Posted on 10/4/2021 11:19:00 AM

CHAOS Updates & Register for Riverside Recharge

We just finished our first series "Who is God" where we explored how God is a story teller with our lives, He is Holy and bigger than we think, and how he is pursuing to have a relationship with us. This week we are opening a new series called "Autocorrect" and Q Ochoa is kicking it off with the idea that sin is real, and grace is needed.  Sin is the most serious problem we will EVER encounter. Why? Because it keeps us away from God F-O-R-E-V-E-R! However, because of God’s grace - and ONLY through the Sacrifice of Jesus - we CAN be brought close to God - for ALL of eternity!

Upcoming Events

Riverside Recharge - October 20-31 - Registration is Now Open!

We are excited for this every year! We get to unplug, be outside, play new games, and learn more about who Jesus is! Consider signing up your kid for this weekend. And yes we will be back for trick-or-treating on Sunday for those who love Halloween season. 😃 

If you have signed up before CLICK HERE to access the website and online registration through your own account. If you have never registered anyone through Riverside you will need to make a new account. Our code for our group this year is CHAOS21. This code will need to be used when you register anyone for the recharge. 

Need a Scholarship? CLICK HERE for an application! 


We love to hear from you! Feel free to directly respond to this blog if you have questions or encouraging stories to share!

Register or sign your student (or a new friend) for a small group: Register HERE!



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