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You bet we have missed your students!
We are SO excited that our college-age leaders are starting to come back to Cedar Falls and we are stoked that CHAOS is back in-person!


CHAOS → Wednesday, Jan 20 @ 7pm (In-Person & Virtual)

  • COVID Considerations // Masks worn at all times (Inside and outside). Social-distance will take place by small groups. No food or drink. (Personal water bottles are allowed). See more FAQ below.
  • Schedule // Doors Open at 6:30pm & Pick Up at 8:30pm. We will NOT have 9 square outside so students will be expected to sit with their leader in their designated pew as they arrive.
  • New Series: Can I Ask That? // We know that junior high students are asking LOTS of questions. We want them to know that they can ask any question here at CHAOS, at church, and to God. Our God is a God who wants our questions! Q Ochoa will be answering the question “Is God really good?” (ESPECIALLY as we think about 2020 and beyond.)
  • Virtual on Youtube Live // Large group click HERE. Please reply to this email if you would like your student to join small group virtually as well!
  • Goals & Expectations  // At CHAOS our goal is to have HIGH FUN and HIGH TRUTH and we do that be participating and not being disruptive to others. After a few warnings and if the student is still being disruptive, we will call parents to come pick up their student. 
  • NEW Students // Any student or friend can join CHAOS at anytime! Please fill out this registration form & at check-in they will be assigned a small group.

CHAOS → Wednesday, Jan 27 @ 7pm (In-Person & Virtual)

  • Hype Night -- Denim Night // Wear all the denim as we dance and worship God together!
  • Series: Can I Ask That? // Dave Bartlett will be joining us and answering questions about heaven!


Sadly, we will not be able to go on our annual Ski and Shop trip to Minnesota this year due to COVID. BUT, stay tuned for more information on “The Event” coming February 27-28.


**NEW -- Will there be food and snacks at CHAOS?

No, at this time we will not be allowing any food or snacks at CHAOS. This ensures that we can keep our masks on for the greatest amount of time throughout the night. Students may bring their own water bottles! 

**NEW -- If students hangout outside, do they need to wear a mask?

YES. Masks need to be worn at all times -- while outside and inside. Although, students will be expected to sit with their leader in their designated pew as they arrive.

What is CHAOS’ current plan in light of COVID-19?

CHAOS will have both an in-person and a virtual option. We highly value our students’ physical health as well as recognize the need for an in-person community. Various steps to help ensure our students safety include: requiring masks, hand sanitizer stations, check-in system, and meeting in the Naz Worship Center for space to physically distance. If you forget your mask we will have disposable ones available. More details in following questions.

What do you mean by “Virtual CHAOS”?

To ensure all students are able to engage with CHAOS we will be live-streaming our Wednesday night service on YouTube Live. There will be a CHAOS Host who will interact with students via the chat. Students can virtually attend their small groups. If you need their small group leader contact information, please email Kristin at 

What will a normal night of CHAOS look like?

6:30pm - 7:00pm // Drop Off at Door 2 or 3

6:30pm // Doors Open & Games in Worship Center (Students immediately sit in pew)

7:00pm // Large Group Starts (Announcements, games, teaching, worship)

8:00pm // Small Groups

8:30pm // Pick Up at Door 2 or 3

What can students/families do to help CHAOS during this time?

Great question! ;) First, please do not send your student to in-person CHAOS if they are feeling sick or have any COVID-19 related symptoms. Second, please make sure that your student is pre-registered & signed up for a small group BEFORE they come to CHAOS. This will significantly decrease the time of our check-in process. Third, encourage your students that CHAOS can only happen if we all wear masks & respect the boundaries we have set. Fourth, invite friends!! All are welcome and we would love to reach all junior high students in the Cedar Valley!

What does the check in system look like?

When students arrive at Naz, they will be greeted with a CHAOS Volunteer holding an iPad. The volunteer will ask the student for their personal 10 digit phone number. (If the student does not have a personal number, a parent number will also work.) If the student is pre-registered & signed up for a small group, they will be checked in and ‘ushered’ inside to sit with their small group. If the student is not pre-registered or signed up for a small group, they will head inside to complete those steps before checking in. This system will be utilized for contact-tracing, if needed.

What does physical distancing look like in the Naz Worship Center?

Students will sit in the Worship Center to sit with their small group. Each small group will be given two pews with one pew in between each small group. We will encourage students to spread out in their pews and sit next to the friends they came with, if they are in the same small group. Small group leaders will sit with their small groups.

What about small groups? 

This year we are asking students to sign up for a small group before CHAOS starts. We will do our best to put students in groups with the same grade, same school, and preferred friends. Small groups will be in individual rooms with masks required.

What does Open Gym look like before and after CHAOS?

Since we will be in the Worship Center, we will not have our ‘normal’ Open Gym time with 9 square, volleyball, gaga ball, basketball, etc. Instead, doors will open at 6:30pm for students to check-in and find their seats. Between 6:30pm - 7pm, students will be expected to sit with their small groups in the Worship Center while playing a few games. We are excited to have it be a high-fun & high-energy welcoming experience!

What about singing? 

We understand there is various research regarding the risk of spread due to singing. Congregational singing will take place after the teaching. If you would like your student to step out of the room during singing, we understand. Please communicate with your student that they need to tell their small group leader that they will step out during this time. They are welcome to hang out in the Fellowship Hall with our Hospitality Team.

Can my student bring their Bible to CHAOS?

YES! We would LOVE your student to bring their personal Bible with them to CHAOS as we dig into God’s Truth together. If your student needs a Bible, please respond to this email and we would LOVE to give them one. (There are no Bibles or hymnals in the pews.)

Are you still in need of volunteers at CHAOS?

YES. The answer is always YES. We are in need of even MORE volunteers this year because of our check in system. We also love having parents around as floaters throughout the night. Click here & mark “Hospitality Team” to be sent more info! (We also would love more parents as small group leaders -- it’s not as scary as you think, ;) ) 


We love to hear from you! Feel free to directly respond to this blog if you have questions or encouraging stories to share!

Register or sign your student (or a new friend) for a small group: Register HERE!

COVID Considerations: View Info HERE!



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