❗️Important Information Regarding Behaviors at CHAOS

Posted on 4/13/2021 2:26:00 PM


Dear CHAOS Parents & Guardians,

As you know, our mission statement here at CHAOS is to create a *SAFE* space for Jesus to transform the lives of junior high students. We do our very best to create a welcoming and safe space for all students. In recent weeks CHAOS has become unsafe and unwelcoming because there have been multiple incidents of grossly disrespectful and defiant behavior as well as the destruction of the Nazareth property. In order to ensure CHAOS is a safe place, we will be letting students know at the beginning of CHAOS that if they cross any lines of disrespect that we will be calling their parents and will go home with a chance to try again next week. These are their 2 warnings. A warning from us to you and a warning from the front of the room. We will also let students know that we may cancel small groups in the future if the disrespectful behavior continues.

We aren’t just a junior high ministry, but we believe we are here to help families of junior high students as well. We need your help too! We would love for you as a parent to have a conversation with your student before Wednesday reminding them that it takes all of us to make CHAOS the safest and most fun place it can be! 

We are so thankful that you send your student to CHAOS! Please know that we deeply value every student who walks through our doors and our deepest desire is for CHAOS to be a safe place for each and every student. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to respond directly to this email.

Thank you!

The CHAOS Team


4/21 || NEXT WEDNESDAY -- All 6th graders are welcome to CHAOS and 9th graders will go to BIGhouse!

4/28 || Last Night of Normal CHAOS programming


We love to hear from you! Feel free to directly respond to this blog if you have questions or encouraging stories to share!

Register or sign your student (or a new friend) for a small group: Register HERE!

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❗️Important Information Regarding Behaviors at CHAOS

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